Mid Tenancy Inspection

Mid Tenancy Inspection

A mid tenancy inspection can be carried out at an interval of your choosing. It ensures you and your client are made aware of any potential problems at the earliest opportunity. It is advisable to carry out an inspection during the first quarter of the tenancy to ensure the tenant is complying with the agreement set out at the beginning of the tenancy.

Check In Service

The tenant is shown around the property with the inventory clerk to go through the details of the inventory, meter readings are taken and keys are listed and given to the tenant, a signed copy of the inventory is given to the tenant and a check in schedule is signed.

Check Out Service

At the end of the Tenancy the condition of the property is compared at the beginning and end of the tenancy, including the condition of all furniture. A final metre reading is taken and recommendations are made to the agent. The keys are then handed back to the clerk and the tenant will sign a check out schedule.

N.B. the clerk will make an impartial decision on what is considered normal “wear and tear” and what is considered damage.